About Us

If you're reading this, welcome to CALENDAR!

Take a look around, we hope you fancy the styles we've got for you. We're updating our styles on a weekly basis, so expect to see something new all the time.

At CALENDAR, we see that women in this day and age play a whole host of roles, carry more responsibilities and meet higher expectations.

In the increasingly complicated lives that they lead, their values remain unchanged; women find value in looking and feeling awesome, making smart and informed lifestyle choices, and having meaningful connections with the people around them.

We get that women aspire to meeting all of these challenges with confidence, style and grace. In that, we find our raison d'être - CALENDAR aims to grow with you. We see you expressing yourself through what you wear, be that at work or at play. In order to support you, we design pieces for the lives that you lead. Different looks for your different roles, styles to cover your myriad experiences and active lifestyles. We hope that our pieces will inspire you, and maybe make fretting about your wardrobe choices just a little lesser.

To us, the woman who wears CALENDAR is stylish and confident, mature yet unafraid of being playful at times; this is the how we would like our customers to feel, and it also informs the way we go about what we do.

We hope you stick around for the ride, and let's get your look on point!